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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

My version of...

Upside Down Cat!

I was playing with Gramma and got real excited and happy :) I found my crunchie bag, threw myself down on top of it, rolled over and stuck my twinkle toes up in the air!
You can see Mr. Mouse over by the radiator...he's grey. I chewed the tail off the other mousie so Mommy told me to play with this one from now on.

Mr. Mousie has been through some trials. He got caught up in dirty laundry and headed down into the scary place (basement). While he was down there, he went into the big monster that gives all the dirty laundry a bath. Then, he went into that scary monster that growled real loud. I wonder if Mr. Mousie was why he growled so bad?? After he was in there, the monster stopped working and went away. Now there's a new one down there but I'm too afraid of the scary place to 'vestigate it.

You would think that would be it for Mr. Mousie's trials but you are wrong. Just the other day, the noisy monster that lives in the closet came out and sucked everything in through its nose. Mr. Mousie went too. I was real scared and made big eyes, put my ears back, tucked my tail and went upstairs under Mommy's bed. I was real worried for Mr. Mousie but then I heard Mommy call me back downstairs and she said that he was ok. Just real clean. Then she laughed. I didn't. It was scary.

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