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Monday, January 15, 2007

My latest tag

Thanks Cousin Riley Dog for tagging me (even though I was number 6! LOL!!) This tag is for makin' new years resolutions. I don't know that I can keep them very well...but I'll follow the instructions and post 5 resolutions that I'll try to keep this new year. Here goes:
  1. Post More Often I wasn't very good at posting last year. It's mainly a'cause of mine Momma bein' busy. But for sure, I'll nip her in the ankle so that she get's to the 'puter more this year. I don't even get to comment on mine friend's blogs anymore. It's m'barassing really.
  2. Practice singing I love to go out in the hall when Momma washes the dishes. I usually check out the doors and sniff at things. I've learned how well the acoustics are out there! I'd like to warm up my vocal chords while doing my nightly door checks.
  3. Watch more birdie tv I have a'come a little lax about this in the past year. Since we gotted the lovely new birdie feeder from our friends in Catifornia, I have a renewed joy that has allowed me to chitter again!
  4. Stop doing the unmentionable Only a handful of beans and close aminal friends know my terribly bad habit (I haven't even posted 'bout it a'cause it's so bad). I really don't mean to do it but it just sorta happens and then I'm all m'barassed. Shmaybe with Momma's help, I'll be able to stop.
  5. Snore less The beans say I do it. I purrsonally don't a'lieve that I do. I'm too good-looing for such a nasty flaw...but let's say if it was true, I'd like to stop it. Shmaybe I'll get one of those breathe right strips I see on the talking box. We'll see how that goes.

Now I'll tag 5 friends who will have to post their own 5 new year resolutions:
Purresident Larry and the Catifornians
Scooby, Shaggy and Scout
Max and Buddah
Beau Beau and Angie

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At January 15, 2007 6:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous replied...

Dat's funny about doing yur unmentionables. We can only guess at what it is and if it is what we are finking it's probably very funny. We'll haf to think a little about our 5 new year resolution afore we post but we'll do it. And fanks you Timmy fur the complement about my clean, white furs *blush*.

At January 15, 2007 7:27 PM, Blogger Scooby, Shaggy & Scout replied...

Oh my goodness! Our imaginations are running crazy trying to think what that #4 is!!!!!!!!
We gotta think about resolutions too. thanks (we think) for tagging us!
PS: We really like #1

At January 15, 2007 10:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous replied...

I think I know what #4 is... I have the same problem.

At January 15, 2007 11:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous replied...

Hmmm...I'll have ta think on this for a bit...

At January 16, 2007 12:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous replied...

do you pee pee on the floor?


At January 16, 2007 6:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous replied...

Hey, you could have a contest to see who guesses your unmentionable. That would be funny to see some of the comments.

At January 16, 2007 3:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous replied...

oooo, what could the unmentionable be??? I likes the idea of a contest to guess. tee hee hee You don't have to tell us Timmy, even us kitties deserve some privacy (thank goodness for my covered litterbox....)

I love the pictures of you on the fluffy comfort-or. It looks like a great place to nap, and nap, and nap.

At January 16, 2007 5:20 PM, Blogger Timmy replied...

I know that Beau, Oreo and Riley dog know what #4 is...but really guys, it's all way 'barassing. Momma says she wants to ask Dr. Strazza what to do 'bout it ::blush:: oh gosh...I'm gonna hate havin' that conversation with mine Momma in the room! If someone guesses it, I'll send ya a Kitty Kozy made by mine Grammie! Just email me your guesses.


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