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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Scaredy Cat

I had a turrible experience today while Mommy was gone. Gramma had a friend over so I tried my best to stay out of their way. She was really nice and let me snuggle with her (that's not the scary part)...

Once she left, I went into my bedroom and crossed over to the attic where I've been told repeatedly not to go. I jumped on a box the wrong way and it tipped over making a big loud noise. The stuff inside came out and scared me real bad. I ran back downstairs and sought Gramma out for some comfort. I made big eyes and puffed my tail fur way up high. It really scrared me! Then, when I was gaining enough courage to go back up and investigate, a real big bang came from the attic and the door shut a little! WOAH!! That totally scared me! All my hair was on end and Gramma got spooked too!

When Mommy came home, she took me upstairs and I showed her the scary stuff. She said it was ok and that maybe now I have learned my lesson about going where I shouldn't. She said that the door closed a little because something in the box came out and tapped it. I don't care, it was real scary and I'm not sure I wanna go up there anymore.

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At October 22, 2004 1:51 AM, Blogger Larry replied...

Earlier this year Jinky got scared by the cane monster that was living by the sliding glass door. I think it scarred him for life, because he is very reluctant to go in through that door until he has thouroughly checked it out.


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