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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

My Valentine from Auntie Deb

It smelled divine! I almost eated the wrapping paper!!

Once it was open, I put it right in my mouth! I took a deeeeeep breath in, oh it was NIP!!!

Then I did some kick-kick-kicks on it...

Then I gotted all tuckered out a'cause I played so hard.

This am a video of me with my toy that Auntie Deb maked for me. She maked it with a silly stick and string...and NIIIIIIIP! It might take a while to watch if you have dial-up like we do. Blech I poop on dial-up!!

Oh Auntie Deb, I loves you so much!!!! That special heart maked me purr a lot and do kick-kick-kicks and make silly noises in my mouth and I snorted lots. Ya know, a'cause I breathe funny. Momma and Grammie liked to watch me play with it. Momma says she'll have to put it away so I don't a'come a nip junkie. My friends Beau and his Mommy gaved me a nip toy too so I'll have to share my time a'tween the two ;)

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At February 16, 2006 8:31 AM, Blogger The Meezers replied...

Timmy, you are so cute in your video. Our mommy loved the "nipped up" look in your eyes. That sure is a speshul heart from your Aunt!

At February 16, 2006 9:12 AM, Blogger William replied...

You are a lucky and loved boy, Timmy!

At February 16, 2006 10:16 AM, Blogger Muddy, BloggingCat.com replied...

Loved the clip -- I could see that you really loved that present. I am glad you had a happy day.

At February 16, 2006 11:29 AM, Blogger Astrogirl replied...

Timmy-I'm so glad that you liked your valentine. I knew that you would because it was so nippy. Even Riley dog got nipped out when I was making it. It kind of made him run around the room real fast and beg. Don't over do it with the nip! -Auntie Deb

At February 16, 2006 11:33 AM, Blogger The Whippy Curly Tails replied...


Come to our blog and read hints about our 2 Pawtraits.
We would much appreciate any hints you feel OK providing too, only if you want.
I found the hints in the laundry room....you will see!

Tannie Man,
The Whippy Curly Tails in the Toasty South

Such a nice Aunt! We love nip too!

At February 16, 2006 11:33 AM, Blogger PrincessMia replied...

Timmy, that's an awesome gift, you are much loved.

At February 16, 2006 11:33 AM, Blogger Bonnie Underfoot replied...

Great toy! Can I come over to... borrow it when you're not using it? I *really* want some fresh nip. All our live nip went south for winter and now it's all snowy out so Mom doesn't bring me leaves from the garden. I has to bite her acause I can't bite winter.

At February 16, 2006 2:59 PM, Blogger Patches & Mittens replied...

Mine sisfur Mittens has a funny breathing thingy too..Mom thinks it might be the asthma.

You are furry lucky!! Wow!!!

We are having trouble spottin your paws. We will be putting up hints on our site tomorrow. This paw thing is so hard!!!

At February 16, 2006 6:54 PM, Blogger Scooby, Shaggy & Scout replied...

Your auntie made that neato heart toy?! AND put nip in it!! We love your video. Neat to see you "in person".

At February 17, 2006 9:17 AM, Blogger IndyPindy replied...

Cool video - you sure enjoyed your valentine! That was very nice of your Aunty Deb.

I poop on dialup too!


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