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Saturday, October 30, 2004

I'm officially confused.

Sheriff Jinky is a very smart poodie tat. He discovered on his own that the 'ramic kitties in the flower pot were not real. Jinky said, "I is thinking now that they arent even real kitties. So they cant do anything. I dont think they purr or meow or even eat or play with 'kweaks." Good to know.

Now...I went to visit the old lady that lives next door and she has a lot of angels around her house (and I should say that her house smelled delish)! She says she likes to collect angels. Kinda like I collect Mommy's hairties so she can't use them in her hair! Anyway, I was walking around checking out her collection when my eyes spotted what appears to be 'ramic angels! I don't know what to make of this! They look real funny sittin' there on that bench and it confused me. What were they looking at? I looked up in the air and saw nothing. Spooked me out man, real bad.

I'm wondering now, is there some kind of connection between the kitties and the angels? Maybe they are the kitties' guardian angels? What are they staring at?? Where are their clothes??? Why are they sitting on a park bench in the middle of that old lady's house???? WHY ARE THEY ALWAYS IN PAIRS????? Oh I'm SOOOOO confused and a little scared!!! I thought this mystery was over but it looks like it may have just started!

'Ramic Kitties and 'Ramic Angels...is there a connection???

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At November 02, 2004 2:27 PM, Blogger Sheriff Jinx replied...

Hi Bruddie Timmy!!

I isnt sure what is going on about the 'ramic kitties and Angels! I is thinking maybe they all 'ramic things can do is "look." But I has seen that the 'ramic kitties near Kitty City is still moving around to different places...So I know the 'ramic mystery is still scary!!

But so far, all 'ramics seem to do is look at stuff...I doesnt know if they have any plans. But the 'ramics here hasnt done anything yet!

It is very confusing even though Grammie helped me..But I think we has to be all brave!!

Your Bruddie!! Jinky


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