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Friday, October 22, 2004

Wildlife and Scenic Watch

I went for a ride in the monster with wheels today! Mommy turned a big circle and pushed on a little box in the floor with her foot. I looked out the window a lot. Here I am watching some unusual duckies that we saw on the way:

For more photos of the animals I saw, go to my Wildlife Watch! You'll see the link just under my profile on the right ---->

We went up Clausland Mountain to see the purretty trees changing colors. I wonder how they do that? They're like chameleons! I've also noticed a lot of the leaves falling to the ground. The poor things... anyway, here's a purretty view of the trees we saw:

Purretty Trees on top of Clausland Mountain

We also visited Piermont. Mommy says Piermont is a tiny town with a BIG view. When you go out on the pier, you can see across the great big river! Here's a nice picture of the Hudson River:

The Hudson River

Mommy says her favorite thing to look at when she comes to the pier is the Tappan Zee Bridge. I have never seen a bridge before and found this one to be amazing! I saw so many monsters with wheels on it! I wonder where they're all goin'??? Mommy says that when she goes to school, she can see the bridge while she's walking on campus. That must be nice! I've been told that there's a lady that lives there that wants to meet me a lot. Maybe when I visit her, I'll get to see the bridge again!

The Tappan Zee Bridge

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