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Sunday, May 29, 2005

The Great Big Hairtie!

Here I am gettin' ready to take on my newest toy from Mommy's friend, Starr. She has poodie tats that I share my fresh catnip with. Their names are Max and Sasha and they're really purry nice. I've smelled them on Mommy's leg a'fore. Anyway, their Mommy gave my Mommy two great big hairties! This am the orange one. Mommy was teasing me by hanging it in front of my face but...I am stealth. I am a puma...Look out! Raaaawrrr!
I got it! See how great big it is?! I can carry it in my mouth and it is great big! Mommy put it around my head and I can wear it like a necklace. I laid on my back and went kick-kick-kick and know what? Know what?! It doesn't try to choke me! It's great fun! Oh!! Mommy flicked it across the house! She sat in the new chair and it shot straight into the back room!! Oh how exciting! And, I can play with it all by myself without the help of my beans if I want to. I can hold it down, pull on the other end and make it go! I don't snap it in my face anymore. I learned how to do it right so it doesn't try to bite me a'cause I'm a wise and cunning cat! Raaaawrrrr!! Now if you will s'cuse me, I've got some playin' to do a'fore I go to bed! Thanks, Starr, for my new great big hairties!! I love them

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At May 30, 2005 1:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous replied...

Hey bruddie Timmy*wavey* did your bean mommy watch those Racer beans today? My bean auntie saw a little bit of it... she said it was awesome:). Take care bruddie!!


At May 30, 2005 5:58 AM, Blogger Bastya and Vincent replied...

Oooh! Oooh! That looks fun!

At May 30, 2005 11:25 AM, Blogger Timmy replied...

Oh we sure did watch that race Tigerkitty! We watched all 5 1/2 hours of it! And I got scritchies and kisses on my head and treatsies the whole time!! Mommy wanted Carl Edwards to win but he did quite well with his broken monster with wheels coming in 3rd! Jeff Gordon got stuck in a big kaboomie and had to stop going around :( Oh well, there's always next Sunday! It am in Dover! Mommy wishes she could go...

Bastya, it is all way fun! You can come over and play with me if you want!

At May 30, 2005 2:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous replied...

Hi Timmy! We see you on you kitty city tower! That is a way cool place to sit and play. -Scooby & Shaggy

At May 31, 2005 3:14 AM, Blogger one of us replied...

You are not only stealth like any good and sneaky cat, but you are smart. What a hair tie. We want one ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko Ko


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