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Monday, November 06, 2006

So Much To Talk About!

Hey! Oh hey! Do you know what kinda birdie this is??? It's a peregrine falcon! Momma has seen him a few times hangin' around and this morning, we heard a blue jay yelling really loud. When Momma got up to see what was the matter, she saw our peregrine falcon had scared him (or shmaybe bit him?) and he was sitting in the empty birdbath! What a handsome birdie eh? We call him Perry. Perry's got such a clever look in his eye!

Momma had this Jeff Gordon decal thing on the back of the monster with wheels that she rides in. The shiny stuff camed off so she a'cided to paint it! Methinks it camed our real good, 'specially a'cause Auntie Deb am the real true artist in the family and not Momma! (Tee-Hee!!!)

OK. So here's the thing. Grammie and I had a discussion the other day. We was thinking shmaybe it would be fun to have a contest! Just a real simple one, nothin' real fancy... but if you can come up with the right answer for my question, you will win a handmade Kitty Kozy (by Grammie) and have it sent to you to sleep on! Sounds kinda fun right? Oh I just can't wait!!! (Don't worry, if you're not a kitty, you can still play and win...Grammie will make a Kozy that's just your size!)

Momma and me am getting the room next to Momma's bedroom ready for when Auntie Deb comes at the end of the month. While we were cleaning the other night, I found the coolest thing, a bag of Momma's stuffed aminals! (I stole one and ran around with it in my mouth for a long time!) She calls the stuffed aminals her collection a'cause they're almost all the same aminal!
Can you guess what kind of stuffed aminal collection Momma has?
Send your answer to Momma by clicking HERE (one answer purrrrr aminal/bean please)
Use the subject heading, "Grammie's Kozy Contest"
Good Luck!
(The contest ends in a week from today, November 13)

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At November 06, 2006 8:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous replied...

Hi Timmy!
You are right, perigrines are very handsome. Last winter I went outside and there was on sitting on the porch rail next door. He was much bigger so I think yours is one of this years baby crop...We have some that live here in the big city of Manchester and the Audobon society has cameras on their nest and if you are lucky you can watch them hatch and grow up. Sue B (Peppercorn & Piaf's Mom)

At November 06, 2006 9:22 PM, Blogger The Meezers replied...

oh peregrine falcons! we watch the falcon cam at the Kodak HQ here in Rochester - they hadded 2 baby peregrines this year!

At November 06, 2006 9:49 PM, Blogger Riley Dog replied...

Hi Timmy! That is one cool looking bird... we have some nice looking one's here in Colorado. They are the mascots for the Air Force Falcons football team. When you go to a game, you get to see them do flying demos during halftime!

At November 07, 2006 12:31 AM, Blogger Beau replied...

Very nice falcon! When mom was a young teen the team was called falcons, and she played a falcon in a play when she was an even littler sticky person. Are you friends with the falcon???

At November 07, 2006 7:59 PM, Blogger Name: Mr. Hendrix replied...

Hi Timmy! Great picture of your falcon. Mommy feeds birdies and she has some red tailed hawks and efen a cooper hawk stop by! I hope you haf as much fun watching your birdies as I do.
One of mommy's Blue Jays makes a "hawk cry" when he wants the feeder to himself. That is a smart bird!

At November 07, 2006 8:34 PM, Anonymous Puff replied...

Oh my mom says she saw those kinds of birdies only once. It was a long time ago when she used to go hunting every day in the city. You are lucky to get a picture!

At November 07, 2006 10:00 PM, Blogger William replied...

Wow, you have a falcon! That is very cool! And Perry is very handsome.

I'm going to have to think real hard for the contest!

At November 09, 2006 4:21 PM, Blogger Fat Eric replied...

You have your own peregrine falcon! That is so cool Timmy, I wish I had one!

At November 09, 2006 9:46 PM, Blogger Mattingly replied...

Timmy you have the COOLEST YARD EVER!!! And that's an excellent contest idea. Harlie and I are going to think really hard about it and then enter it!

At November 09, 2006 11:37 PM, Blogger Lone Star Purrs replied...

That's a cool bird!! Momma (and Daddy) get to see them at Daddy's schools football games...Air Force Academy. Momma gotted her pict0shur taken wif "The Bird" tonight.
~Meeko, Kiara, & Emmy

At November 10, 2006 1:13 PM, Blogger Mette replied...

Well.....you live on the save side of the world.
Here we do have birds that attack us. Big red haired buizerd. A sort of falcons in Holland.

I see you love to sit in boxe also. It also my favourite place.
They bring not often boxes into the house with them. But when there is one finally, its mine, and mine alone.

At November 12, 2006 12:01 AM, Blogger Timmy replied...

I can't a'lieve nobean or poodin guessed the answer yet! Shmaybe if I leave a little hint here it might help...hmmm...what's a good hint? Hmmm...

It's one of the only things that I like that the beans eat. There! That should narrow it down a little :)

I got some great guesses already! Teddy Bears, Tiggers, Elephants, Cats...but now that I gived you a hint, shmaybe somebean or poodin' might get it now!


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