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Sunday, January 02, 2005

I wanna be like Jinky!

I was out in the monster with wheels today. Mommy took me to PetsMart for some treats and litter! I got pet so much by all sorts of different beans. I made sure they smelled like me before they left. One girl in particular was a very nice petter. She said I was silky and how nice I was so I was all happy. I did a little dance in the shopping cart for her with my twinkle toes. Then I made her pet me again. The girl's Mommy said I was a good boy for not bein' all a'scared of the doggies and all the noises. I love PetsMart!

They have these poodie tats behind glass so that you can take them home with you...kinda like what Mommy did with me 'cept I was behind bars, not glass. There was this one poodie that was really pretty. She looked sooooo much like my Sweet Izzy that I had to do a double take! Honest! She looked just like Izzy right down to the orange markings on her nose! When I saw her my heart flew a'cause I thought that my Sweet Izzy had come to see me! That's when our eyes met and my heart dropped a'cause it was just an Izzy impurrsonater...(sigh)

So, I was such a good boy in the store, Mommy gave me a treat! Well, more than one treat...she always gives me treats. But today's were special. She took me over to see the hampsters, mice and birdies!!! I thought I died and went to poodie heaven! Oh the smell was divine! And I could hear them all a'flutter in their cages. Then, I blew it. I meowed at them really loud and Mommy was embarassed and said I had to be quiet. She smiled at me and talked through her teethies and told me if I didn't stop, I'd have to go home without a present. So I did. Until I saw the kitty condos...then I meowed again. But I caught myself and made up for it by putting some stinky rub on Mommy's arm. It worked! I got a new toy!!! I told Mommy I wanted a toy just like my big brudder, Sheriff Jinky. She brought me over to the toy section and I picked out my new green toy. It's just like my brudders, only it's green! Now I can be all important just like Jinky!

Me and my big brudder Jinky Jink!

Workin' hard to be like my big brudder Jinky

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At January 02, 2005 7:23 PM, Blogger Max replied...

I have one of those! The middle part is mostly useless since I don't have front claws, but sometimes the Woman sprinkles kitty crack onto it, so I like to rub my face on it. And the ball is a lot of fun most of the time. I think after dinner I'll try to make the Woman realize I want her to put some kitty crack on it. And maybe move it into her office so I can play and share my joy with her :)

And you're much braver that I...I don't want to go to PetsMart. I want the People to go and bring me back treats, but I just want to stay home where I feel safe. There are sticky people outside the house...

At January 02, 2005 7:43 PM, Blogger Timmy replied...

Hi Max!
I love my new green toy! I have the same problem as you with the middle, but I pretend to have my nails and I scritchy scratch on it anyway. Oh and Mommy sprinkled some fresh nip on it for me. I think it's funny that you call it kitty crack. LOL! You're a funny poodie :) (and yes, there were sticky people there but Mommy kept the cart moving so they wouldn't touch me)

At January 02, 2005 10:54 PM, Blogger Larry replied...

For cats without front claws (like myself) the middle part of the toy makes a wonderful litter box!


At January 03, 2005 2:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous replied...

I think my Bruddie Timmy is a very brave kitty cat and I is proud of him! Look how good he does on the ball toy! I wished he was right here. I think he is brave enough to be one of my Sheriff Kitty Deputies!

Jinky Jink


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