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Monday, January 10, 2005

I'm just SO helpful!!

Since helping Gramma fold the laundry the other day, I have been looking for ways to help my Mommy. She does lotsa stuff around the house. Today she chased after that scary monster that lives in the closet. It ran through all the rooms in the house and sucked up everything in it's path! Scary. Very scary monster. After she did that, she went shopping!

I love it when Mommy shops a'cause I get to play in the bags and be all stealth. But today, I only played a little bit a'cause I realized, I could help her put the food away! She had to bring stuff out into the hall where our food pantry thingy is so I went with her. She said it was ok this time...usually she doesn't like me in the hall. She says I get into mischief out there. There's no boxes that say "mischief" so I don't understand how I can get into it if it doesn't exist. I've decided, the next time I go in the hall, I will do some exploring and searching for this so-called "mischief" but as of today, I haven't seen it.

Anyway...here I am, helping Mommy:

Checking on things...and bein' real helpful!!

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At January 10, 2005 7:14 PM, Blogger Nimbus Cat replied...

OHHH! I hate the sucker thingy. It's so loud and obnoxious. I don't help at all when that things in the room. I do like to help make the bed though. I pounce on Moby when he's under the sheets.

At January 14, 2005 12:59 AM, Blogger William replied...

I play in the bags, too! But somehow, I always get my head stuck in the handles and Mom has to help me out. Anyway, I was inspired by your story to write about our pantry! But please don't get any bad influences from me!


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