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Friday, March 04, 2005

Attack of the Octopus!

This is a picture of the octopus that attacks my head from time to time. When it touches my head, I wrap my paws around it's wrist real tight. Then I squeeze real hard until I pull the hand down and then I put the bite on it! Yeah! It's real fun! Sometimes I hold onto it and kick kick kick with my back legs! It's sooo much fun!!

Mommy hasn't been playing very much with me lately a'cause she caught a bad buggie. She says it made her tummy real yucky. I wish I had caught it instead a'cause I'm real good at takin' care of buggies. They don't make me sick when I eat 'em. She's feeling better now but she said when I lay down on her belly that I have to be careful a'cause it still hurts. I can't wait for her to get all better so the octopus can come back and play s'more!

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At March 04, 2005 11:37 PM, Blogger William replied...

Take it from me, all you need to do is be a very good boy, stay close, purr and give her a kiss every now and then, and your mommy will be much much better very soon.

At March 05, 2005 3:14 AM, Blogger Sheriff Jinx replied...

Hi Bruddie..

I hopes your Mommies belly gets all better all soon! Try not to walk on it until she is all good again!

But, I see it, I see it!! The Octopus is right on you!! Butyou are fighting all good...So I bet you winned the Octopus!


At March 05, 2005 11:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous replied...

Hey Timmy - sure looks like you have fun with your octopus! Me 'n meep hope your mommy feels better soon - tummy buggies are no fun!

Buzz 'n meep

At March 05, 2005 4:00 PM, Blogger Max replied...

I have an octopus kind of like that. It's a little hairier, though, and when I bite it the Man says not so nice things...

At March 06, 2005 5:38 AM, Blogger one of us replied...

I have an octopus like that, but he is hairier too, like Max's. He cheats when he plays. ~Merlin


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