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Sunday, November 28, 2004

Sunless Tanning

Going where no poodie has ever dared to go

It is in the nature of wise and cunning cats to find countless ways to get their beans upset with them. I have come to this conclusion being that I myself am a wise and cunning cat and have of recent, made Gramma upset.

I was in Gramma's bedroom and noticed this lovely stained glass/seashell lamp. Upon closer inspection, it was giving off a great amount of heat. Well, it was cold in the house and warm under the lamp...so, I decided it was a great way to warm up! I jumped up on her night table, gently pushed the knick knacks outta the way and did a turtle.

Unfortunately, Mommy came in and found me up there. I figured, my cover was blown so I might as well soak up as much of the warmth as I could before she would tell me to get down. Instead of telling me to get down, she laughed and then took a picture of me! How 'bout them apples?! Now you're probably wondering how I got Gramma upset at me because when the picture was taken, she didn't know of my whereabouts... Well, Mommy showed the picture to Gramma who wasn't as amused as Mommy was. She then proceeded to make loud words at me from the other room. I promptly got down. Nobody likes an upset bean. Nobody.

An interesting story about that lamp. Gramma bought it in a place called Maine. She was on vacation in Kennebunkport and went into a shop that Barbara Bush had just walked out of! Ya know Barbara Bush...she's the Purresident's Mommy. So, Gramma was lookin' at this lamp and the store clerk said that Mrs. Bush was just looking at it as well! Gramma bought it in a hurry a'cause she thought it was so purretty. Indeed it is! Mrs. Bush thought so too!!

A Turtle basking in the ....light.

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At November 29, 2004 3:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous replied...

Hi Bruddie Timmy,

I knows just how you is feeling! I has the same problem when I goes somewhere and then for some strange reasons. My beans make loud words at me too until I goes somewhere else. Beans are hard to understand!!

I guess Grammie was all worried about something where you was being! A'cause I knows she loves you.

When I go on the table in the beans eating place. Adddy make sloud words at me until I gets down. Even if I isnt doing anything naughty!

Beans are just funny!! Bruddie, Jinky


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