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Friday, November 12, 2004

The Talking Box III

Mommy watches the talking box at the same time every day. I sometimes watch and listen with her when something catches my interest. On this day, I was watching Ellen with Mommy and she was shaking her hand all over the place so I tried to touch it. I don't understand why I couldn't touch her...I tried real hard. I put both my front paws on her hand and scratched real hard but, it's as if she was behind an invisible force field...

When she starts dancin' I can't help myself! I jump up and hit the talking box over and over! I like the music too :) A'cause I've been entranced with the talking box, my wildlife watches have slipped from my mind and a mind is a turrible thing to waste! So...I think I will get up in my perch and have a lookie out the window. Purrhaps I will see something of interest and document it real soon!

I love watching Ellen!

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