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Monday, November 22, 2004

A Turtle and a Mouse

KC with his Gretta
-photo from CatUSA TODAY

I read the e-paper this morning and found that KC has received his new mousie and has properly named her Gretta. We here in Mew Jersey are so happy to see that he is enjoying his new toy :) It's amazing to think that little mousie took a trip clear across CatUSA to reach KC! I wonder, if I pack myself up in a box...would I be able to visit my Sweet Izzy? It's possible but very risky. Purrhaps a bit too risky.

To celebrate the safe arrival of the care package, I had some pessie, bothered Mommy and Gramma, knocked over a water bottle, broke a glass door off it's hinge and now am getting ready for a nice long nap in my perch. I'll be on the lookout for some strange and unusual sightings. It's been rather quiet lately so I think that means somethin' good is coming!

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