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Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Since I don't have hands, it must be noted that I do things with my teeth instead. I don't hit but rather, I bite. When I am playing, I chew and when I'm bored I nibble. When I first came to live with Gramma and Mommy, I had to get some of my energy out so...I would sit in the big leather chair and chew on the arms. Nobody noticed for a while. That was, until I accidentally had a memory lapse and chewed on it in front of Mommy.

She said loud words at me and made me get down. Upon closer inspection, she saw my teethywork. I say teethywork a'cause, like I said before, I don't have hands so... it would be silly to call it handiwork. Now, I was purroud of my teethywork it looked like it was done by an expert! Like a real professional!! Mommy didn't agree and before I knew it, she was saying loud words at me again and pointing at my teethywork.

I've since learned that chewing on the arms of the chair is in fact, a very bad boy thing to do. I say this only a'cause that's what Mommy always said after she saw more of my teethywork. I am allowed to chew on cardboard boxes. Except for the one we used to send the Catifornians their care package. Mommy said, "nobody likes to get a cat-sucked box" so, no teethywork on that one! Sometimes I chew on the back of Gramma's 'puter chair but she doesn't know that! SShh!! tee-hee-hee!!

chewmarks on the furniture

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At December 01, 2004 11:16 PM, Blogger Max replied...

Heh...You go, Timmy! Mark the world with your teethywork! Humans simply don't appreciate the finer points of feline art. Or existence.

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