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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Little Pink Sock

Some of you may know that I like the comic stip, Mutts. I 'specially like the character Mooch a'cause he's a tuxedo cat just like me! He's really funny. He has a little pink sock that he sings to (sorta like KC does with Gretta). Well, I asked Gramma if I could have my own little pink sock for Christmas and guess what? She got it for me! It came in the mail today and I was so excited, I almost opened the package myself! I was supposed to wait for Christmas but how could I when I knew it smelled soooo divine?!

Little Pink Sock...

Oh How I Love...

My Little Pink Sock!

You can get your own little pink sock at: http://muttscomics.com/shtuff/spring.asp I can tell you that the catnip is the best smelling catnip I've ever had! Thank you Gramma for getting me my very own little pink sock! I loves you :)

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