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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Something Strange and Unusual

I asked Mommy to take a picture of these unusual lights that appeared a few days ago. I have been watching them and really truly don't know what to make of them. They come on at night and when Mommy and I go to bed, they go out! Maybe they go to bed too?? All I know is that when I wake up, there are still there! One looks like a tree, three look like the deer that visited the yard earlier this year and then there's this unusual one in front of my window...it looks like a person with a trumpet but...the person has wings like a birdie! I just need more time to think about this stuff...

Strange Lights

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At December 02, 2004 9:13 PM, Blogger The Bunny replied...

Why timothy, you look exactly like my chihiro kitty! You must be related! We don't know who her family is because we adopted her, but hey... cool!

At December 03, 2004 1:39 AM, Blogger Max replied...

Be careful with those pretty outside lights. Sooner or later there will be Sticky Little People standing out there admiring them, and you never know when one of them is going to get inside your house and touch you.

My people put a tree inside the house, with lots of lights and shiny things. It's fun to play with, but I bet they take it away, just like they did last year...


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