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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

The Monster in the Basement...

Yesterday, while Gramma was taking a shower, she said loud words. They weren't at me for a change (usually I go in and bother her--great fun)! She was saying, "there's no hot water" and wanted to know if it was like that in the kitchen. So, Mommy got up and checked. No hot water there either. She went next door to where the old lady lives. She asked her if she maybe had hot water, she didn't.

This was a big mystery to me! I didn't know that hot water could just disappear! Kinda strange! So, I put on my thinking cap but that just made me tired so I went behind the leather chair and fell asleep. The next thing I knew, Mommy went down into the basement and when she came back up, she was not happy. She said there was water all over the floor! Now this was perplexing! How did all the hot water disappear and end up down on the floor of the basement? I will tell you...

Now there are lotsa different monsters that live in the basement and make noises. This is why I don't like it down there. Well, there's this one monster that must have had a cold or something a'cause it spit out water all over the place! The only time I spit out water is when I sneeze. Maybe the monster had a cold? Well, I came to find out that the monster's name is water heater. And Mr. Water Heater was real sick and had to go live somewhere else. Today, a man came to the house with another monster by the same name (water heater) which at first, confused me. How could they both have the same name?!

The man made lotsa loud noises that I didn't approve of so I climbed up the stairs to my bedroom and made myself real small and low to the ground. I stayed on the top step so I could watch the man go in and out the door to the driveway. Then, he told Mommy to turn the hot water on...it camed out all brown and yucky for a little bit and made hissing noises which I certainly didn't approve of. After a while, the water got all hot and camed out the right color so Mommy was happy. She said the man that camed to fix Mr. Water Heater was nice (and cute too) Ugh, Beans.

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