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Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Whenever Mommy goes outside without me, I cry. This doesn't make me a whimp...I just miss my Mommy a lot. Gramma is always there to comfort me until Mommy comes home.

The other day, Auntie Jo came over for lunch :) When she left, Mommy walked her out to the monster with wheels and I thought she was going with her. I must have had a moment of temporary memory loss a'cause I jumped up on the kitchen table and climbed into the window. Mommy says it's yucky to have poodie paws on the table where she eats. Gramma agrees. But I don't. I get up there anyway ;)

I was pawing at the window so Mommy would hear me and come back but she didn't hear me. Now, I'm not supposed ta go on the table. But, Gramma didn't say loud words at me! Instead, she came to the rescue! Gramma opened the window so I could call to Mommy! She came back inside and got the clicky box and took a picture of me a'cause she said I looked silly in the window.

So now, here I am caught in the act of being somewhere I shouldn't. It's on film and can be used against me in the future... ugh. So...here I am...caught in the act:

My fur shines even through the funny screen thing! Wow!

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At January 18, 2005 12:46 AM, Blogger Max replied...

My People gave up trying to keep me off the table. Which makes it no fun to get on. But when they're not looking, I get up there anyway and rub my butt all over everything...

At January 18, 2005 1:50 AM, Blogger one of us replied...

Hey Timmy I completely understand. I cry for my Mommy too, everytime she leaves. The neighbors have told her about it but they only did that to help me keep her home so I can take care of her. Mommys have to be taken care of by us poodies like they take care of us.


At January 18, 2005 9:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous replied...

Hi Timmy,

I always follow my mom to the door when she leaves and talk non-stop to tell her I don't want her to go, and when she comes back I come running and talking at the same time to show her how much I missed her. I don't like it when she leaves because she always tells me I'm in charge as the big brother, but I can't keep both WMD and Oblivia (that's what I call her) under control!

And even though she sometimes gets cross when we get on the table, she's figured out that there's no stopping us if we want to be there. It took a long time to train her, though.



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