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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

I think my Mommy's gone crazy.

OK. I've kept quiet about this a'cause I really didn't know what to think of it but it's time I shared... I think my Mommy is nuts. This is very disturbing to me a'cause I love her dearly but she's been acting real funny the last three weeks.

Every day, she leaves the house and she's gone for like...I dunno...I can't tell time but...it's not very long. When she comes back, her face is all red and she's real warm. What in the world is she doing while she's gone and where is she going? Well, this I do know. She keeps going to the same place every day. I know this a'cause I smelled her shoes and they smell the same every day.

Wait...it gets worse. After she comes home from wherever it is she's going, and gets her bottle, she goes in our bedroom and makes the talking box come on. I don't get it a'cause the same bean comes on saying the same thing every day! Now the next part is real scary. Mommy stares at the talking box and copies everything those beans do. She moves her arms back and forth, kicks at the air (Hello? Crazy!!!) and punches invisible things(where are the beans with the nice white coats?). Then, Mommy starts panting like I do when I get all a'scared! Is something in the room that I can't see and she's trying to fight it and it scares her? Oh I just don't know poodies, I just don't know.

Maybe she's just playing with me? I sometimes play with her... I jump up on the bed and stare at a spot on the wall as if something's there and then I jerk my head and stare somewhere else. She always says to stop it a'cause it spooks her out... maybe she's doing the same thing and pretending that she's fighting something that's not real... ugh...this is too much for my little head.

Fellow friends and poodies...my Mommy is nuts.

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At January 20, 2005 2:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous replied...

Oh my poor bruddie!!!

Yep I think your bean Mommy has gone nuts! It will be okay a'cause she loves you...But beans do go nuts like that...

My Mommy has a bicycle thing in her room...And she is nuts too a'cause she sits on it and pedals and pedals and pedals and she doesnt go nowhere...

Yup...beans go nuts!! But we has to love them a'cause they is so good to us! So dont be a'scared!


At January 20, 2005 11:03 PM, Blogger Nimbus Cat replied...

Wow...that sounds awfully nutty to me too. My humans do crazy stuff too, but it's usually lazy stuff. I don't see them jumping around all that often!

I'm glad to see you escaped the spell of Lady Cat. I was worried about you yesterday!


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