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Thursday, March 24, 2005

The Gift Box

Here I am trying to wrap myself up in a gift box. I wanted to send myself to Sweet Izzy so that I could cuddle with her...but...I heard these voices in my head saying, "Immy, taste the box Immy! Shmaybe it tastes like tuuunaaa" and "Immy, put some teethywork into this here box..." so I thought to myself that those voices are right. Shmaybe it does tastes like tuna. Shmaybe it would be better with some teethywork on it. So, I got all comfy inside of it and popped my teethies into the side.

Didn't taste like tuna.

But, I think it looks much nicer now that I've ripped a few pieces off and poked some holes into it. Yup! My teethywork is evident here and I'm purrrroud of it! Only problem is...I can't wrap myself up in the box. I don't have tape and I don't likes the feeling of the sticky tape anyway. Oh, I'll have to loves my Sweet Izzy from afar...sigh...

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At March 24, 2005 4:56 PM, Blogger one of us replied...

You did a proper job of chewing some nice hole work in that box. That is the only right way to treat any cardboard square. ~Nic, Pip, Salsa, Fig

At March 24, 2005 9:34 PM, Blogger William replied...

I agree. Boxes are so fun to bite! If you got a really really BIG box, you'd have enough to bite on and STILL send yourself to Sweet Izzy.

But your mommy would probably miss you so so much, so don't send yourself. Just bite on the box.


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