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Friday, April 08, 2005

Bye Bye Tree!

When I woke up today, I had no idea what a thrilling morning we were gonna have! See...a'fore I came to live here, a big tree went kaboomie in the backyard and now it's all grown over with ivy and stuff. Well, it wasn't our tree really, it was our neighbor's tree so he got a tree cutting service to come and take care of it! There was a bean at the front door around 8:30 and he asked us to move the monsters with wheels a'cause there was gonna be a real big monster with lotsa wheels in the driveway!

I stayed in my perch and watched all the beans chopping down branches and cuttin' up the big old tree. Here's some pictures of the big event:

That monster with wheels made so much noise! I was cool with it until the chopper thingy turned on and started growling really loud. I threw my ears back and slinked up the stairs. But, I am brave! Yeah! I stayed on the stairs and watched the action from up there ;) That is until the UPS bean came to deliver something to Mommy at the front door. When she opened the door, it was soooo LOUD! I flew under Mommy's bed and didn't come out until she called me.

I trust Mommy when she calls me. When the monster comes out of the closet to suck up the dirt on the floor, I run under Mommy's bed and then when he goes back in the closet, Mommy says "Timmy, it's ok to come out now!" and I come out. So, that's what I did today too.

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At April 08, 2005 3:03 PM, Blogger Sheriff Jinx replied...

Hey Bruddie!!

You isnt going to a'lieve me, but this is all true!! I knows just what you are talking all about!! Know how come?

One of those very same monsters was right out front of the bean house today eating tree parts!!! Right this morning!! It was all WAYYY LOUD!!!

Wow..we had an 'incidence huh!!!
I didnt runned away though....I only runs away when something knocks on the beans door!!!! And I isnt sure why I do that!!

Wow...we both had the same monster today!!


At April 08, 2005 6:48 PM, Anonymous Puff replied...

And I thought my day was exciting!

At April 08, 2005 10:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous replied...

WOW you had a lotta excitement today!!! It was quiet in our house except for my sister barfing all over the kitchen floor.

Your Mommy sounds so wonderful. Mine is pretty good toowuh but sometimes she teases me.


At April 08, 2005 11:37 PM, Blogger Bear replied...

I think you're very brave Timothy Dickens! I don't like noise at all... not one bit. We live in a very quiet place. We have lots of animal visitors like deer and bunnies and stuff; but they're very quiet. It's so quiet here, as a matter of fact, that I can hear that man who lives with mommy when he gets off the freeway, some two miles away. Imagine that!

At April 08, 2005 11:48 PM, Blogger Timmy replied...

Jinky, I can't a'lieve you had the same thing happen at your house! From what Larry says, it wasn't the only 'citing thing to happen either. I'm just glad that tormato passed over your house and didn't disrupt anything. Them am real scary. My Auntie Deb and Uncle Gene live in Colorado Springs where there are tormato warnings and spottings a lot. It am very scary! So please be on the lookout and stay safe!!

Puff, seems like you had a good day too! Getting a new mousie is always 'citing! And catnip? Well, there's nothin' better than that!

Gingie, I'm sorry Quest is still sickie. Do you think she will go see the doctor? Shmaybe she's got hairballs or somethin? Oh I hope she's ok!!

Hi Bear :) Where do you live that it's so quiet? Is there room for us?! We live on a road that never gets quiet until around 9-10 at night. Then, around 7-8 in the morning, it gets all noisy again. It doesn't help that we have real big potholes in front of the house!! All the big monsters with wheels that go by make loud kaboomie noises that hurt my ears.

At April 10, 2005 10:16 PM, Blogger William replied...

We're going to have the same thing going on at our house soon because we have a dead tree, and I'm not looking foward to it AT ALL based on that tree eating incident across the street a couple of months ago.


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