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Thursday, April 07, 2005

What to do?

::Update (Friday, April 8)::
I know that the comment clicky thing didn't work but thanks for your emails
everybody! We have a feeder designed to take birdie weight and nothing heavier.
If something lands on the perch heavier than a birdie, it closes and no food can
be had. But..that tricky squirrel found out how to open the top! This morning
there were TWO squirrels in the feeder fighting over the food! This was
after Mommy tried cayenne pepper mixed though the seed. She read that birdies
don't taste or smell it and squirrels don't like it. Guess that's not true!
LOL!! So, Mommy took the feeder down, went into the basement and made loud
banging noises. When she came back up, the feeder was missing the cardinal on
top but she said it's screwed on tight and no squirrel will be able to get at
the food without a screwdriver in their hand! Only now, Mommy has to use the
screwdriver to take the top off if she wants to refill it ;) But, it's a small
price to pay! The birdies are back and happy!!

I know there are so many smart poodins living with their beans. Shmaybe you have some ideas on how to keep this out of the feeder:

I even wrote about it in CatUSA Today. Like I said in my report...if you have any ideas, feel free to email my Mommy She'd love to know how to get rid of this pesky diner without harming him or the birdies.

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