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Saturday, June 25, 2005

A Big Trip!

Here I am at the PetSmart well, it's an old picture of me at PetSmart but I wanted to show you how I sit in the cart :) I went in the monster with wheels and drove all the way there while Auntie Deb held me. It was so hot outside! I can't believe how hot it got a'cause I'm so used to the box in the window blowing all that cool air... Anyway, once we got inside the store, it was all cool again. Mommy taked me down all the aisles and I got to look at all the neat things!
We got so many things :) I needed a new filter for my water fountain and my booda loo is in dire need of some good clean litter...that's what that big blue thing is in the picture, the top of the litter jug...I also got s'more birdseed for the birdies outside a'cause they were out of food. Mommy gotted me a new box of stinky goodness a'cause mine was running low. Gosh! I sure did buy lotsa stuff!! Oh! Since Auntie Deb was with us, we gotted my cousin Riley-dog a new toy that squeaks :) I sure hope he likes it!

Mommy said I was such a good boy in the store that she gave me a special treat! She taked me over to the birdies and the mousies and hamsters! I got to see all of Bastya's relatives and the Poi Rats' relatives...There was a yellow Tangie bird there too! It was such a nice treat! There was an aminal there called a chinchilla. It was kinda like a funny looking bunny but not really. Auntie Deb said that she still has her chinchilla! Know what that means?! I have another cousin! Her name is Bonita. Bonita means beautiful in spanish and I'm sure Bonita am a beautiful chinchilla!!

We went over to the doggie aisles and looked at all the toys and clothing. Mommy thought it would be funny to put a hat on me. I didn't. She put a hat on my head that said "Happy Birthday". Well, though I look charming in just about anything, I didn't need to have that hat on...I pushed it off and Mommy was laughing so hard. Sheesh...Then, we went around the corner and sawed that there's a new part of PetSmart called the Banfield Pet Hospital! There's a hospital in there now! And, the nurse at the desk there said I was a very handsome boy. Mommy saw that she had a scale there that I could get on so...that's just what I did! I climbed out of the cart and stood on the scale. Know what? I found out I lost a pound! Wahoo!! I have been on that special weight management iams crunchie food and it finally paid off :) I am now officially 17.3 lbs!

When it was time to pay for all the nice things we got, Mommy put all our items on the counter and the nice girl bean that works there taked it all and put them in bags. Then, she maked a drawer open on her box with buttons and inside of it was green paper that I've seen in Mommy's purse! I was so fascinated that I climbed right over to check it out! The girl bean said it was ok too!! Oh it was such great fun :)

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At June 25, 2005 6:14 PM, Blogger one of us replied...

You are such an adventurous poodie the way you go out to 'bean places and all. And we think Merlin found your lost pound. He topped 20. ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko Ko

Did you say hi to all the ratsie and mousies? Mom always does and always wants to bring us a new sibling. ~Rodentia

At June 25, 2005 6:52 PM, Blogger Simone replied...

Looks like you had a blast, Timmy! Though I wonder why they never have bunnies at Petsmart?

At June 25, 2005 8:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous replied...

Did ya see any guinea pigs?
Mom always talks to them at the store since we have 7 of 'em at home. That's how mom got 3 of 'em. Beans buy them then decide they are too much work and take them back to the store. The store can't sell them again so they offer them "free to a good home". Mom says that's her. Dad calls her Ellie May. -Scooby & Shaggy

At June 25, 2005 8:12 PM, Blogger Stumpy replied...

There's no PetSmart here yet, but they're building one. I sure hope my Mama takes me there sometime.

At June 26, 2005 1:26 AM, Blogger Max replied...

The People almost took me and the dog to a Bansfield Stabby place at the PetSmart in Ohio, until they saw how much it costs. Maybe they shoulda paid it, because they took the dog to a different stabby place and he didn't come home!

I don't like to go out, but you would like the PetCo here. the Woman said today they had kittens and puppies from the SPCA there. And she got to see Buddah's brother and sisters. Can you imagine? There are MORE of him out there!!!

At June 26, 2005 11:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous replied...

Yeah Max, we have Petco here too & they have the pet adoptions days too. dad made mom quit going those days cause its hard to drag her away, then she feels sad all day. They have piggies too! -Scooby & Shaggy

At June 26, 2005 12:42 PM, Blogger China replied...

Oooh, I love going to the dog store, I mean, pet store. Up here in the (not so) cold place we have PetCo's, but down in the warm place we had PetsMarts - they're really all the same.

I like to sniff everything, and I mean everything. When I get in the door, I start with the first thing I can reach and just start sniffing.

I hope you're nice to the birdies and ratsies and things - I think I'd be scared if I was a birdy and a big, tough-looking poodie like you were to come by. :)

-Woof! (China)

At June 26, 2005 7:27 PM, Anonymous Edsel/The Pooch replied...

Timothy, you are my hero. You are so brave and all. I'm very, very shy and hide under my Mom's bed whenever any beans come over. And never ever would I want to go for rides to other places!! Oh My it makes my head hurt to even think it! I always say there's no place like home.

At July 02, 2005 10:39 PM, Anonymous Bogey replied...

I'd like to go to PetsMart with my mom but I get sick riding in the big car so mom doesn't take me out much. She's trying to get me used to the car because she wants to take me on a long ride from here to someplace called Kentucky. She says there's a pretty little girl poodie there at her brother's house named Sabrina. There's also a big puppy dog who's white with black spots all over her.

I don't know about that place. But going to PetsMart might be fun. Then I could tell mom what kind of treats I really like!

At July 04, 2005 3:01 AM, Blogger Bastya and Vincent replied...

Wow! You saw my relatives! How did they look?


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