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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Enjoying the mild winter day

I went outside with Mommy today a'cause it was so nice out! She said something about blowin' the stink off of me but I don't understand what she meant by that. All I know is that I really enjoyed it!

She tried to put a schtupid santa hat on me and take my picture but I showed her. I knocked her camera out of her hand and it fell on the hard deck. I thought I was gonna be in big trouble a'cause the camera made a crack sound. Mommy got real sad and cried a little. She held onto it for a long time and it made another crack sound and was all better! So... you won't see a picture of me in that schtupid santa hat. It doesn't fit me too well anyway.

Aren't these nice pictures? Mommy says I'm so handsome! My hair is really silky and always shines in the pictures :)

I like to make big eyes when I go outside. It's very exciting and there's always a squirrel or birdie in the backyard. That's cause for big eyes!!

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At December 15, 2004 8:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous replied...

Timmy, you're so handsome! And I bet you aren't mean to me like Jinky is.....


At December 15, 2004 10:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous replied...

Hi Hannah :)
I can be fresh. Just ask Gramma about what I did to her arm ealier tonight. I choose when to be fresh though...I'd never be mean to you :) You're a pretty kitty. Mommy calls you Hannah Banana! LOL!! Say hi to my Sweet Izzy for me!


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