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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

A Scary Day.

Yesterday was not a nice day in our house. Gramma had to go to a place called the emergency room a'cause she wasn't breathing right. She said that the hospital was like going to a vet for beans. Going to the vet can be stressful so I can understand why Gramma wasn't very happy about going there. Mommy drove Gramma and Gramma's brother (who by the way smelled divine) to the hospital before lunch was served.

Then, I waited. I waited a very long time. I went from window to window looking for them but they didn't come back. I got anxious and tried to calm myself down by taking a nap. It didn't work. I jumped up on Gramma's dresser and found something that my little pink sock came in and it still smelled like catnip so I picked it up in my teeth and threw it on the floor. I shredded the paper and got high on the catnip smell. It was then that Mommy came in and said she was going to give me my lunch and that I had to be a brave little boy. She didn't see what I had done right away but when she did, loud words came at me and lots of them. Then she pet my head and said it was ok and she was just nervous. I didn't notice her leave a'cause I was busy eating.

Then it got real quiet...that is, until Tangie started singing. He was worried about his Mommy (my Gramma) and wanted to know who was going to give him his bath. I told him that he needed to be more concerned with other people than himself but he didn't want to hear it. What a diva! So, I says to him, "you don't need a bathtub Tangie, I can give you a bath myself!" I jumped up on the computer and tried to reach the cage. Unfortunately, Gramma's friend from church, Dennis (who also smells divine), put Tangie's cage just out of reach. I can tap it and make it swing but that's it. So, I jumped back down on the ground; it was then that I noticed that I turned the computer on with my hiney and must have opened some programs with my toes while reaching for Tangie.

Well, I couldn't close the computer programs and didn't want to get in trouble for it so I decided to leave the scene of the crime. I went in Gramma's bedroom and hid in her closet. When I came out, it was all dark outside. The sun thing went away and Mommy and Gramma weren't back yet. I looked out Gramma's window and saw some big scary white lights coming into the yard. It was the monster with wheels and Mommy and Gramma were in it! Oh I was so excited to hear that monster comin! When Gramma came in, she said, "everything gonna be ok Timmy were home now. There's no place like home." She seemed more calm and said that the doctor took good care of her and the tests he took came back ok. Gramma suffered from a bad anxiety attack and that's what made her breathing all hard. I wonder what she was anxious about? Could it be that she was anxious about me not biting her anymore? Well, I'll take care of that!

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At December 16, 2004 2:14 AM, Blogger Larry replied...

Us Catifornian's are really glad your gramma is all better 'cause we all adopted her as our gramma too!

Bean mom & dad know what anxiety attacks are. They can be scarey and annoying.

I get anxiety attacks when I think I'm not going to get my food!

At December 16, 2004 1:44 PM, Blogger chocolatewonder replied...

Hey Timmy brudder*hugs*..... I am soo glad that Grammy is okay. My meowmy has been in the beans hospital plenty of times.

Your Friend

Miss Kitty


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