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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I'm a Good Sharer.

I let the poodins that live outside have a few of my precious crunchies.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fank You!!!

I jus wanna say a quick fank you to all my dear, kind friends who am giving me purrthday wishes today! I had a really nice day!

The sun was all sunny in the window things, Momma letted me have the windows open so I could smell the good fresh air while she was at work, I had a really special dinner and Momma am taking me to get my annual purrthday shots tomorrow! I knows, it am all way scary to think of going to the pokey place, but methinks of it this way... I knows when I see mine doctor, that him am gonna take the bestest care of me and make me feel all way good on the inside. So, I don't mind a poke in the tush once a year anymore :)

Momma gived me some fresh nip which made me feel all way funny. It maked my toy things do some really strange things! Hee-hee!!

Here am one of my new favorite hang outs.
Momma hates it when I go under the fake sun...but what she doesn't get is how incredibly good it feels on my fur. It's so bright and shiny under there! Plus, it looks like a great big hat on my head thing! Haa-Haa!!!! One time I put my stink on it (see, that's what I'm really doing in the picture, you can even see my toothiest!) and it started to wobble...it wobbled right off the bookshelf and on the floor! It maked a great big flash and then went to sleep. Momma wasn't very happy at all about that. But, I still go up there when she's not looking LOL!!!

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Sunday, January 08, 2012

Happy New Year 2012!

Hi everybean... I wanted to wish every furry and their bean a wonderful new year! For me, it's been full of sweet dreams, visits to my Grammie and lots of sandpaper kissies!

Last night, Momma and me wanted to visit Grammie so we did it all way sneaky and didn't let her know I was coming. She was all way surprised when I walked in and popped up on her bed :) We always have such nice visits together.

On my way home, I did something all way funny. Well, I thought it was funny, Momma? She am thinking I'm nuts in the brain thing. I was walking back to the house with her when I had to go potty all way bad. So, I looked over at the garden, noticed the nice dirt there and a'cided to try it out! Yup. Momma didn't know what I was doing right away...but when she turned around and saw me all way meditative, she gasped! I was going potty in the garden! Tee-hee-hee!!! But then something all way scary happened. I thought my butt went on fire! I was pretty sure of it. Momma says it's a'cause it was so cold out, but I don't a'lieve her. My butt started to smoke! I turned around and looked at it to make sure I wasn't on fire. Thankfully it wasn't. But it sure did freak me out!

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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Attenshun!!! Change in Web Address!!

I knows some of you wonder if I am all o-tay a'cause mine Momma is so busy she can't always type things for me anymore... but I wanted you to knows, I'm o-tay. I has a great home, comfy bed, good fresh air to sniff all day long, poodins in all the surrounding apartments (which makes singing out the window oh so much fun a'cause they join in) and all the wa-wa a poodin' can enjoy!

I has been so a'laxed lately that I make mine belly go up. See? Mine belly thing am all way up. I even has mine flashlight eyes on! They make it all way easy to see things in the dark.

Momma am reading that great big book by my head. She says it's all way good. Grammie already read it and gived it to her to read. It am called Pillars of the Earth...Momma says some parts are not for kitty eyes to read so I just usually do a turtle next to her and close my eye things.

So, I has to say something all way important. Mine website, www.timothydickens.com isn't going to be "timothydickens.com" anymore. The company that makes it that way has now started to allow .xxx domains and me and mine Momma don't agree with that. So, we am no longer gonna have www.timothydickens.com. But don't worry, we am not closing up for good... it'll be like a hunt! You can hunt for mine new web address! LOL! Just kidding, it am now going to be: http://timothydickens.blogspot.com Not too much of a change right? It's actually been this all alongs, but we maked it easier to find me through the web hosting company.

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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Simon's Cat in 'Sticky Tape'

I have felt just like Simon's Cat at times. 'Specially when there's duckie tape around. That stuff is all way hard to get off my tootsies and it makes me so frustrated!

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Sunday, January 02, 2011

Happy Mew Year 2011!!!

Can you a'lieve it? Another year am come and gone already! I can't a'lieve I'm as old as I am! I sure don't feel like it! I do however like to sleep lots more than I ustah...but methinks that doesn't have anything to do with age. I spent mine New Year with mine Grammie and Momma. We all watched Avatar together at Grammie's place! Has you ever seen this a'fore? It was an all way good movie a'cept mine ear things hearded naughty words that Momma sometimes says at me when she thinks it'll make me pay attention to her more (which it doesn't by the way...) I can't imagine living on a planet where the mountain things floated and great big birdies ruled the skies. Delish!

I enjoyed my new toy I gotted from Miss Bobbye and her bean daughter Sherri. They lubs me lots. They would come down to Grammie's room if they knew I was visiting and give me lubs. I ustah visit with them and Mr. Russ who am living over the rainbow bridge now. I kinda chewed off the rubbery part that's supposed to help Momma slingshot it across the floor but I don't care. It smells all way good like catnip and feels good in my mouth when I crunch down on it.

I forgotted to share mine gifts that I got from mine Momma and Auntie Deb and cousin Toby. I has a few pictures to show you what I got though! Momma's gift am not in a picture but it am all way good. It am a new water fountain that lives in the kitchen!! It makes bubbly water come up so that I can lick it and it tastes oh so good on my tongue thing that sometimes I just sit and meditate and a'tend that I am a puma drinking from a pool of water in the Serengeti. It's all way good fun.

The next gift I gotted was from mine Auntie Deb. She am just like Grammie and all way good with silly string and crowshay. She maked me a great big giant velvet mousie with a scarf on and it has a jingle on it's curly tail! Oh I can't wait to curl up and wrap mine paw things around this sucker and chomp and kick-kick-kick it!!!

Next am the gift I gotted from mine cousin, Toby. Him am living with Auntie Deb and Uncle Gene all by himself a'cause Riley and Bonita went over the rainbow bridge. So, this gift meant somefing special to mine heart thing. It was wrapped in a Tiffany Box!
When I opened it, I sawed a beautiful blue bow tied to a bell that sounded all way nice. It was so kind of Toby to think of me like that that it bringed tear things to my eyes and I had to wipe them off. I sure do lubs that cousin on mine.

Here I am with all my new bell and duckie!!

Have a wonderful new year with sandpaper kissies and purr from me!


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Saturday, December 11, 2010



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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Fanksgibings!

I am wishing all of mine dear friends and furbabies out there a wonderful and happy fanksgibings! May you enjoy the day with those you lubs! I'm all way thankful for mine Momma and Grammie...and YOU! I can't wait to eat mine dinner tonight a'cause it am gonna be Turkey wif Gravy for me! Yay! I'm watching the parade on the big talking box right now and dreaming of being there waging mine tail thing as I give everyone lub eyes on the top of a float!

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Friday, October 08, 2010

On My Walkie...

So, last night I was smelling the good, fresh air out the front window and it made me want to go walking in it so bad! I stood at the front door and stared at it until Momma asked me what I was doing. I looked at her and meowed and then tapped the door with my paw thing...
Momma taked my jacket down off the door and put it on me and grabbed the garbage and out we went!

It am all way good to go on a walkie at night a'cause it makes me blend in with the ground. That way, I can sneak up and sniff things and nobean will get upset with me! Oh it smelled so way good...until we got to the corner of our building. I camed to a screeching hault and took a long sniff. Then my ear things heard a squeaky kinda sound. Momma did too and she maked my leash thing go small. We stood there a second until Momma said it am OK to keep going. We wented around the corner and that's when we saw it! A skunkie! It was a big one! Across the driveway on the other side of the 'partment complex, digging in the dirt was a the biggest skunkie I ever sawed with my eye things! Can you a'lieve it?? It stuck it's butt at us and was mumbling as he was digging... something about not going near him a'cause he'd squirt us. Pshh...whatev. Like we wanted to go over there... skunkies am strange.

So, Momma and me just walked by and kept going towards the garbage bins. I have a new leash thing that lets me walk away from Momma sometimes! I can stop to sniff and then catch up without her having to stop and wait for me. It's all way nice. When I catch up, the leash thing goes small. Momma says it am a good 'vestment. Now we can go on walkies together! We both lubs the cold weather and now that it's chilly at night, we can walk around the neighborhood! Sometimes, I see beans that live near us and they call me by name and pet me! It's all way good fun. I just lubs going for walks! It's my new favorite thing to do! The bestest is when you come back inside, you can cuddle up on your kitty kozy your Grammie maked for you :)

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Sunday, September 26, 2010


This am mine pissy kitty face. Why am I wearing this face? I'll tell you why. Superstishuns. That am why. Momma was reading on AOL about superstishuns and this bean writed a book about them and how they got started... This is what he has to say about me bringing bad luck:

"Black Cats Bring Bad Luck: Oliver says black cats are notoriously linked to witchcraft, which is why some people think they're unlucky. However, there are two sides to this one. Allegedly, if a cat crosses your path it's considered unlucky, but if a cat walks toward you, it's a good omen. Should the first scenario happen, though, Oliver says the "only way to avert the back luck is to spit."
Honest to blog, if somebean were to spit at me I'd be mortified. Why would anybean spit at me!? I mean, I try all way hard to greet everybean I meet but sometimes I walk sideways towards them...now I find out I could get spit at!?!? I think beans are so strange. Does it look like I'd bring bad luck? No. Instead, Momma says I'm a magic poodin. It's true! I am!
The other day, she am having wet things falling down her face and she said she needed a hug from me a'cause I'm a magic poodin. So, I a'tended to enjoy her hugging me and knows what? The wet things wented away. I really am magical you know.

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Most Embaraskin'

I must 'pologize. Mine Momma and me forget to update mine blog a lot...but to leave everybean and furry hanging 'bout mine cousin was just downright wrong. Toby am staying at home with mine Auntie Deb and Unkie Gene. Them am working out their prollems and so far so good!

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Word from My Cousin...

Calling all kind-hearted beans! Mine cousin, Toby, needs a new home. Could you be his forever home?? Here's a message from him that he posted on mine Auntie Deb's facebook page:

Hi! I'm Toby and I'm looking for a new home.

My Mommy has really tried to make a go at it with me for nearly two years, but her allergies just won't allow us to be together any longer. She rescued me from a very cruel neighbor who put me out with her trash and for that I will be forever grateful.

I'm a very nice little boy. My full name is Tobias (my Aunt, Timmy's Momma named me!) and I'm coming up on my 2nd birthday in mid-August. I'm an American Shorthair with big green-yellow eyes, pretty light gray fur and a tiny little white patch on my neck. Mommy says that I look like a "Russian Blue" but I'm an all-"American" boy! I'm about 14 lbs. but in good shape and rather fit. I've been neutered and front-declawed and coming up on my yearly check-up/boosters.

I'm very chatty and like to meow back to Mommy and Daddy when they talk to me. I'm really good with dogs (I live with Riley, the Jack Russell) and I love people. Some of my favorite things to do is bird-watch from the window, lay on my back with my belly in the air, sun-bath in a nice patch of sunshine and have my belly-rubbed very gently.

I don't kick, bite or scratch because Mommy taught me to be a little gentleman. But what I do like is to be held, kissed on the head and to just hang out. Mommy says that I'm like a puppy dog because I'll follow her from room to room. I travel very well in my little kennel—it's kind of my favorite napping spot.

So if you think that we're MFEO* and would like to be my forever Mommy or Daddy, please let me know right away!

*made for each other

(PS-I live in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Please send my Mommy a message if you can help me out!)

Contact mine Momma or me, Timothy, if you are interested in giving Toby his forever home. It am breaking mine heart thing that him am going to have to go live somewhere else...but I knows we will find him just the right place to live!

Please make sure to mention Toby in your message heading so we don't accidentally delete your message!

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Oh Come Home Ma!

So, mine Momma has been making young beans know about mewsic and stuff again. I hearded that it am not a job that will last much longer, but she has been very busy since there was snow on the ground outside. Lately, she has been staying until the sun thing almost goes all the way a'hind the 'partment next to us. Not past dinner or nothin', just...later than usual. She says it am a'cause the beans am making mewsics together and it am gonna be purrformed this weekend! "Oh Come Home Ma" am all about the old days when beans would ride on horses and say yee-haw and shoot guns and stuff. Momma comes home singin' at me sometimes too a'cause the songs am all way catchy. But I changed the words so that they make sense for me:

"I'm Jist a Cat Who Cain't Say No" am all about when I want to have by neck and chin scratched...
"Ooooooohhh come home ma where the poodin's waitin' for some food" am what I sing to her when I see her coming home from school...O-Tay Momma, I wants to go have some treats a'cause I've been such a good boy waiting for you every day. I can't wait to have you back to myself next week once the show's over!!
Now...about those treatsies...

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

I Protest!

For weeks now, Momma has promised to help me write on mine blog, and every day it's the same story... "Sorry Immy, I'm very busy". Well, no more! I know she likes to come in here right after she wakes up in the mornings so I a'cided to sit on top of the water chair. That'll teach her.

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

I hasn't forgotten!

Momma's mine secretary and she has been very busy with teaching the wee beans mewsics... I promise to try real hard to make her help me do an update next week! Shmaybe if I put the bite on her while she am a'laxing...

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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Oh No...

Me and Momma has been so busy that we almost forgotted to wish you a happy new year! It am still January so we're not too late ....right??

Momma am gonna be teaching beans and won't be home so much so I'm tryin' to practice loungin' around and gettin' used to bein' in the house alone again. She got to stay home with me all through Chrissymus and well, it's time to make some of that green paper again!

I hopes you don't mind my quick post, just wanted you to knows I lubs you all and hopes to see you in the comment section or over on facebook!

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Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Chrissymus!

Chrissymus Eve found me at Grammie's place, celebrating with her. I gived her some nice pressies I thought she'd enjoy. Ribbon candy a'cause she am so sweet, she deserved a sweet AND a new calendar for the mew year! It am one that changes the picture every day and they're all kinds of kitty cats on it! I got to enjoy some delicious cat treats that she had ready for me. Oh they tasted so good going in my belly. My purr thing went a lot!

I lubs mine Gramme so very much!

As I was watching out the window for signs of Santa Claws, I couldn't help but think of how blessed me and mine Momma am to have so many kind friends and family that lubs us so very much. It maked my purr thing go as I pontificated mine favorite Grammie :) I a'cided if I sat and watched, Santa prolly wouldn't come...he's like that. He waits until everybean am sleeping. So, I wented to sleeps too with Momma and it was all way cuddly warm!

I was all way a'cited to find when I waked up that Santa had come and left me a pressie! It am a new fishie toy and it smells like the most divine catnip I've ever sniffed in mine whole life. Divine I say!! I grabbed it and rolled around with it in mine paw things and kick-kick-kicked it and threw it in the air and everything! Momma laughed and said I was such a good boy.

May Your Christmas Be Filled With Joy!
Remember, JESUS is the reason for the season!

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009


'Tis me, the Keeper of the Chrissymus Tree! Protector of the Presents, Guardian of the Garland! Come any closer and I might just hafta give you a sandpaper kiss!! I lubs to sit by our Chrissymus Tree and admire it's beauty. It's a special tree a'cause it am all Blue and Silver this year! Even the presents under it am wrapped in blue and silver!

Sometimes, Momma makes the a'tend fire turn on and it makes everything cozy-looking. She makes the lights go dark so all we can see is the Chrissymus Tree's lights and all the fancy sparkly orn-mints. I likes them a'cause I can tap them with my toes and they don't fall off, they swing and make jingly sounds! Momma always has loud words but I just ignore her. I likes it do a turtle in front of the a'tend fire and pontificate under the tree's glow...

I wonder if Momma would mind if I put mine paw thing on that fancy silver blanket with the shiny snowflakes on it???


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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Halloweenie Fun!

This year, I kept my costume a secret from Grammie. I wanted to surprise her and I did!
I was a court jester! A'cause I'm always being silly and making everybean laugh :) I wented to the nursing home and visited with all the beans and gotted to ride with Grammie in a parade!

When the parade was over, we wented back to Grammie's room to enjoy some treats! She gave me some really yummy crunchies that made my belly all way happy and my purr thing went. Oh it was such good fun but know what? There were so many beans that it was really loud. I put my face into Grammie's arm and hid until the noise wented away. Momma said I was such a good boy anyway...I let all the beans pet me and take pictures with me.

This am Joan. She loves it when I come to stop by and visit with her. She has shaky hands so when they move a lot, she lays down. I wented into her room, jumped up on her bed and showed her my costume! She smiled and laughed and gave me such nice pets... felt so good that I got comfy next to her. I could have stayed with her all afternoon. She always gets so a'cited to see me and that makes my tail jiggle :)

When I was in the room with Grammie, Ms. Carol camed in to give Grammie some medicine to make her feel good. She always gets a'cited to see me too! Even though she was wearing all white, she picked me up anyway! Hee-Hee! Ms. Carol gives me scritchies a'hind my neck and on my back and that always makes my purr thing go. Sometimes, she gives me treats! I lubs it when she comes to see me :)

Here's a picture of Momma's punkin that she maked this year. She did it from scritchy scratch! Drawed a picture and cut it herself. I think the poodin' on the branch looks like an owl with a poodin' tail, but I know what Momma was goin' for ;) What was most fun is that at night, she would turn the special light on inside and it would change colors! Red, Green, Purple, Blue, it was so cool!

I hopes you all had a fun Halloweenie!

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Friday, October 30, 2009

Hear Ye Hear Ye!!

I'm gonna be somethin' special for Halloweenie this year! Momma helped me pick it out at the store and I got to try it on a'fore the big day! Tomorrow, I'm gonna dress up and visit Grammie a'cause they am having a costume parade there! Shmaybe I'll let Momma take some pictures of me!

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